BFCC Park, Play and Go Home Guidelines

Effective 5/11/2020

  • If you have a fever, difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, headaches, sore throat, or recent loss of smell or taste, or think you may have been exposed to COVID-19, please DO NOT come to the golf course

  • Operating Hours - Monday thru Friday - 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.; Saturday & Sunday 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

  • The clubhouse will be closed and locked at all times. Restrooms will be open during hours of operation, limited to one person at a time. Please knock on the clubhouse door for entry to restrooms.

  • All players MUST make a tee time by calling the Clubhouse at 802-463-9809 during hours of operation. Do not show up at the golf course without reserving a tee time. Members may make reservations up to 4 days in advance; non-members are limited to 2 days in advance.

  • Players should remain in their car until no more than 10 minutes prior to their tee time. Those needing to make payments must call the Clubhouse at 802-463-9809 to announce their arrival and to make payment arrangements. Payment may be by credit card, check or cash (credit card preferred). Checks and cash may be placed in the drop box mounted under the wooden canopy by the front entrance. If payment is by a greens fee ticket and is for 18 holes, place the greens fee ticket in the drop box, or if for 9 holes, tear the ticket in half and place half the ticket in the drop box. Red Tickets will not be accepted at this time, expiration dates will be extended.

  • No more than four (4) players in a group

  • No more than two (2) foursomes or eight (8) players assembled at 1st Tee Clubhouse area & spatially distanced

  • Putting green limited to 3 players at a time only, maintaining 6 feet distance

  • Six (6) feet of spatial distancing always

  • Mask covering mouth and nose are worn when spatial distancing cannot be maintained

  • No handshakes, high fives or retrieving a ball/club other than your own

  • Do not return golf carts to the corral. Dispose of all cart trash. Park cart in the designated cart drop off area on side of corral closest to the club; leave key in ignition.

  • No extended lingering on grounds or parking lot before or after round of golf

  • No club or pushcart rentals. Personally owned pushcarts ONLY

  • No scorecards/pencils are allowed to be handed out

  • Do not touch or remove flag sticks

  • Course Porta-Potty is closed